walk away!

I love traveling.

Well, it’s more like I love going to different places, meeting unfamiliar faces, getting acquainted with their culture, discovering new things – that sort of stuff. But let me qualify that, I love traveling only if I will be transported via sea or air. I hate land travels, road trips or whatchamacallit. I can’t bear sitting in long drives where you see and stare at nothing but oblivion. I hate being in a situation where you do nothing but sit, then the blood in your veins gets jammed, and the next time you move, you’re being attacked by pins and needles.

However, being your ordinary employee, I cannot but afford expensive, or even budget-friendly, out-of town trips. It’s a good thing my minimum-wage-paying work responsibilities entail me doing a lot of traveling. I’ve actually been to Tagaytay, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Baguio, Legaspi, and Cebu, not only with no incurred expense, but also with per diem (entries on such will hopefully be posted soon!)!

But I know, that sooner or later, I will really have to start saving should I want to explore more of the Philippines.

I initially wanted this blog to be my travelog, with all my escapades before (however, professional and personal commitments prevent me from doing so. hurr.). For months, I lived the life of a jetsetter, stayed in one place for two to three days, traveled back to Manila to change luggage, then off to another destination. This had been my schedule during the first months in my current job, but it seems that I’ll not be getting any other out-of-town trips, so if I really want to stick to my pseudo-jetsetter lifestyle, I need to work my ass off and really cut on spending.

For now, since my current finances limit me from going beyond the borders of the metro, I’m planning to pursue my travel luxuries thru taking off in Manila, with a walking tour! I just hope that 1.) this will be pursued; 2.) I will be able to document everything; 3.) basta. I just hope that everything goes well.

Btw, here are some of the places I would want to visit. I sure hope that my itinerary be done before the week ends.

          1. Paco Park

          2. Manila Baywalk

          3. Chinatown

          4. Pasig River (ferry ride)

          5. Intramuros (Fort Santiago)

          6. Botanical Garden


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