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I’m yet to compile my all-time awesome drunk (drunken) moments, so for now, here’s what I’m thinking before I single someone out and talk to him/her for the rest of the session. Mehe.


Experiencing the City of Golden Friendship!

I’ve been to and fro Cagayan de Oro for over a dozen times already, yet I still wasn’t able to really see the place. So when I saw that one of the country’s leading airline, Cebu Pacific (oha!) , announced its seat sale, I immediately booked a flight and “dragged” three of my friends with me.

It’s supposedly the ‘humanoid’s’ first plane ride together (insert fave bb emoticon). Unfortunately, one OD-ed herself with medicines, leaving her in a deep slumber, waking up two hours before the flight. We even considered that she could make it to the airport before the flight, assuming that she stayed the night in Paranaque, but lo and behold, she’d still be coming from Batangas. Pfft.

Anyway, this is Tin’s first plane ride, so she had her share of trolling from me and Mangge. Mehe.

The plane took off a bit late, wasting some good minutes of our lives. Chos! An hour and thirty minutes later, touchdown, CDO!

Upon arriving at the country’s sunniest city, we hailed a cab to Nazareth, my uncle’s residence, then immediately headed to Divisoria. It was still two hours before the hotel check-in time, so we stayed in Park Cafe (coffee for onleh Php45!).

Afterwhich, we took an early lunch and decided to try one of CDO’s delicacies, Chowking! :)) It was actually agreed by the three of us that CDO Chowking, especially its breakfast meals, tasted a lot better than the ones in Manila.

We then searched for a good budget hotel. We initially planned to stay in Wilshire Inn, but before reaching it, we passed by MaxAndrea Hotel, noticed that it’s relatively newer and a lot appealing, and decided to stay in the latter. We got a standard twin bed room (P695 and added P150 for extra pax). The room is unexpectedly nice, considering how cheap their rates are. (I got some shots to second this, but I’m too lazy to transfer other photos.)

Honestly, our first day in the city was mostly spent in the hotel, watching re-runs of HIMYM and of course, sleeping. So, upon checking in, we immediately put our lazy asses on and stayed into the room until 4pm. When we were considerably energized, we dragged ourselves to Cogon market for some ukay adventure (again, i got some shots, blah blah blah. ;P).

I scored an awesome army jacket (Php180), Angel got herself a fab pumps (I think it costs Php300), and Tin has an orange blazer (Php150). Afterwhich, we had our merienda-pre-dinner meal at McDo (see how awesome our ‘backpacking’ trip is? hee).

We headed back to the hotel to drop our newly-bought ukay items, then we went straight to Limketkai to experience CDO’s nightlife.

I didnt realize that the last time I went to CDO was two years ago, so I was surprised when I saw that the bar where I usually hang out is gone! We just painstakingly decided to stay in Candy’s to grab some bottles of good old beer.

After three or four bottles, we got a little tipsy so we decided to go home. Since we didnt have a proper dinner, we dropped by Divisoria for some midnight snack.

After getting our stomachs full with chicken skin, kwek kwek and the super awesome siomai, we went back to the hotel to sleep. Mleh.

The morning after, we decided to explore the city. Mehe.

We went to McArthur Park to see, uh, McArthur, but these are all we got.



We later found out that McArthur was replaced by some native stuff. We didnt get to see that native stuff, though. We continued walking towards nowhere until we passed by MisOr’s Sports Center. We sneaked our way in to get these awesome shots.

After this tiring walk, we went back to the hotel, got our bags, had our lunch at some cheap ass carinderia, and went to my uncle’s office to drop our things. We then found ourselves on our way to Malasag Eco-Tourism Village.

From Nazareth (or Divisoria), we rode a jeepney to Limketkai, rode another headed to I-forgot-where and told the driver to drop us off at Malasag. We then hired a habal-habal to take us to the village. He charged us Php42.

We went down at 4pm. It was already raining and we were all wet so we rushed our way into the office. But before that, we dropped by Divisoria’s pseudo-night market (Tin got a long-sleeved shirt and Angel has a neon-colored hooded sleeveless top and a grey dress) and VjDAP for some pasalubong. We hurried back to the office because it’s already past 6pm, and we havent taken our dinner and our flight’s around 9pm.

We had dinner at one of CDO’s best bbq-and-sisig-serving restaurants, Butcher’s Best. We didnt have time to take a shot of the food when it was served so this is just what we got.

(PS. Two plates were already taken away. Mehe.)

After this more or less 15-min dinner, we rushed our way into the airport and arrived an hour before our flight. Upon checking-in, we were informed that the flight has been delayed for 25min, so imagine our relief, and disgust, when we heard this.

We arrived home at around 2am. Tired and all beaten up, we still managed to report to the office the next day (Tin took a half-day leave while I got in late. Heh.)

This may not be one of the best trips I had, but I enjoyed this experience nonetheless. Here’s to my trips ‘all! Cheers! :p

PS. Photos were taken using a cameraphone. We were all great during this time, so none of us brought camera. Good thing, we can really depend on our ever reliable camera phones on times like this. Hehe.


Types of Songs People Sing When in Videoke Bars

Our outside-the-office bondings are usually limited to drinking on Friday nights. However, for the past few weeks, we have been overwhelmed with our own after-office affairs making it hard for us to really spend ‘fun’ moments together (uh, well, not that it’s mandatory for office colleagues to be bffs; I believe it’s still best to maintain the semi-impersonal relationship between yourself and your co-workers).

But after a seemingly long ‘break’ from all these Friday night-outs, Kim, during one of our yosi breaks, randomly blurted out, “Videoke tayo!

Upon hearing this plan, some immediately acceded, while others passed up. I, for the record, dropped my previous engagement and excitedly agreed to go.

It was a fun night. We filled the videoke room with music and laughter, ignoring the monetary and non-monetary expenses.

Because of this, I decided to put on my first of so many ‘lists’: Types of Songs People Sing When in Videoke Bars! :))

1. The Nothing-Can-Go-Wrong Songs

I’d like to call these the ‘safe-songs’. These are the songs that one usually sings first, to hype up to mood, to get the crowd to sing along. A crowd-pleaser song. A give-away song. The songs that I usually notice to fall into this category are those sang by boybands and mellow OPMs, for you will find yourself initially humming to the melody, until you notice you too are singing along with your buddies.

2. The Songs that No One Else Actually Knows

These are the songs silently chosen by one of your buddies. A song of such type usually plays on when you’re excited to see the next song and when it’s title rolls down the screen, you all go, “Huh?! Anong song yan? Kanino yan?” And then one of your buddies will snatch the mic and sing the song with all of his/her heart out.¬†From my past videoke experiences, such songs are sung when someone in the group has a remarkably wide music reference.

3. The Rap Songs

“Sjhjghfv jjhgfhj jftyjn shdsadiwn kjhgsdh. Aslddkf sdkn sojdfsdkn.” This is what you’ll usually hear when one sings a rap song. Those who meant singing such songs get their tongues twisted, boo-ed at, and generally, they blurt out unintelligible words. The people who usually sing this kind of songs are noted-deaf (no pun intended).

4. The Never-Ending Songs

The never-ending songs, as its name suggests, are the songs that, well, do not end. They take forever to finish, countlessly repeating the same line. Repeat til fade. This is the kind of song people choose when they want to be stingy and who want to spend the last centavo up to its maximum utilization. I particularly noted “Bohemian Rhapsody” to befall in this category.

5. The Show-Off Songs

These are the songs of the biritero/biriteras, of the self-professed choir members (ehem), of the people who proclaim they sing like any other singer in town. These songs have the widest range, the lowest of the low note and the highest of the high. Those who sing such songs usually go all out, singing at the top of their lungs, and end up owning the mic. I think some songs which can fit in here are those of the Aegis’ (when you see me picking an Aegis song, it may mean I’m a show-off. hahah).


Mehe. Enjoy!