isang partido. isang barkada. isang pamilya.

I love reunions; those recollections of pleasant (and even not-so-pleasant) remembrances among families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Some are fun, as you get to be acquainted again with the lives and stories of your loved ones; while some were staged to attend and address an impending adversity.

The latter is what happened last May 4, on the roofdeck of Prestige Tower, Ortigas Center. After more or less a year, the alumni of PALS-NCPAG was again called upon, not only for a night of merriment or overflowing of booze, but more importantly, for an emergency party.

I would not go into the details of what transpired during that night. It would take hours for me to write about it and not to mention, a lot of airspace.

But for an overview, it was a crisis meeting disguised as a party. The good thing about it though, that once the ‘agenda’ was unveiled, nobody bailed out and still put their game-faces on. Questions like “Why PALS?,” “Why do you think should PALS continue to exist in the college, in the university?,” and “What do we do about it” were posed to those present during the party, especially the residents.

The night was also paved way for the institutionalization of PALS Alumni Association. With the products of PALS since time immemorial (chos!), we can very well establish our own non-stock, nonprofit foundation. PALS AA is the continuance of the passion, angas and the love of the then, now and would-be members of PALS-NCPAG.

Ok. So a lot has been said and more to be done. Let this photos give you a glimpse on how much we love PALS.

PALS-NCPAG is indeed isang partido, isang barkada, isang pamilya.

Different batches. Different industries. One organization. One heart.

Beautiful Vice Presidents for Internals. 00-01/10-11/09-10/06-07.

Batch love. 2006.

After-Party of the Emergency-Party

Now. Stronger than ever.

Member, PALS Alumni Association. 2012-infinity and beyond
Vice President for Internals. 2009-2010
Political Strategy Committee Head. 2009-2010
Finance Committee Head. 2008-2009
Member, PALS-NCPAG. 2007-2010


Celebrating love, happiness, and success!

Last March, my younger siblings graduated – one from high school, the other’s from her preparatory school. Their last year in their respective levels was a one hell of a bumpy ride, but we still manage to pull some strings and make our way towards the stage.

I was still under the sheets during their graduation rites, but fortunately, I made it to the family’s simple after-grad celebration.

Graduation is on the list of my merriest occasions. It binds families – celebrating love, happiness, and success together. The fun may be short-lived, as short as an hour, but it gives us me a breather from all the family dramas and what-nots.

I may have, at some point, promised to assist them as they progress in their academic life, but I failed in doing so. And because of this, I couldn’t get any prouder for these two for making it to the stage even without their super-galing-na-ate.

For these two, JC and Butchay, keep up the good work! Chos. Ate’s just around the corner, just call my name and i’ll be there. :)))