Celebrating love, happiness, and success!

Last March, my younger siblings graduated – one from high school, the other’s from her preparatory school. Their last year in their respective levels was a one hell of a bumpy ride, but we still manage to pull some strings and make our way towards the stage.

I was still under the sheets during their graduation rites, but fortunately, I made it to the family’s simple after-grad celebration.

Graduation is on the list of my merriest occasions. It binds families – celebrating love, happiness, and success together. The fun may be short-lived, as short as an hour, but it gives us me a breather from all the family dramas and what-nots.

I may have, at some point, promised to assist them as they progress in their academic life, but I failed in doing so. And because of this, I couldn’t get any prouder for these two for making it to the stage even without their super-galing-na-ate.

For these two, JC and Butchay, keep up the good work! Chos. Ate’s just around the corner, just call my name and i’ll be there. :)))


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