Ekstra: A Review

The film follows a day in the life of Loida, an Ekstra. Well, the film gave me a more realistic sense of Marshall’s pyramid of scream (HIMYM)- the director at the top of the pyramid, to the assistant director, to the production assistant, down to the nameless talents.

From all of the films that I have watched, I’d like to think that I kind of figured out how people ‘behind the scenes’ worked. But this film gave me not just a glimpse of the whole act, but an immersion as to the roles played by the different characters in the whole production, especially the bit players. It really is laudable how Vilma Santos portrayed her role, how she takes her audience in a series of emotions.

I also saw how Ekstras do not only portray their secondary or supporting roles for the main actors, they also serve as the punching bag of the whole production.

They also sort of answer some life questions like: ‘how much are you willing to do for the job that you love’ and ‘how far would you go for something that you actually like doing’.

I wish the industry produce more films like this, where you played not just a part of the spectators but a more active audience. Yiiii. Excited for the Philippine cinema!


On The Job: A Review

I think On the Job is the kind of film brave enough to reveal the harshest reality Pinoy mainstream cinema can ever tell. Its several displays of power play, human’s capacity for violence, and family dynamics makes it one of the [most] well-crafted films of this generation. This is definitely a must-watch!

PS. It is the kind of film that sticks with you after you’ve watched it, especially right after paranoia kicks in.