On the day of my birthday, we had a feast. In the office. Mang Inasal for lunch, two rolls of cake and two tubs of ice cream for merienda. Imagine that. Hello there, tummy biggie!

 This is actually my “first” birthday celebration for as long as I can remember. As I’ve said, I don’t do birthdays. Hahah. That came out wrong.

 Anyway, so there. My bosses and officemates greeted me a happy happy birthday, asked how young I am, persuaded me to quit smoking (which I have no plans on doing, well, not in the near future), and sang the ever famous birthday song.

 It was kind of diyahe, for me having that kind of ‘celebration,’ for in the three months that I’ve stayed in the office, witnessing three or four birthdays, I swear I’ve never seen any merriment as cute and sweet as mine. Although I was told that celebrants had two options – that is, to have a birthday treat or enjoy a birthday leave. Obviously, they opted for the latter.

 Being a probationary employee does not give me any office perks, like what they call the ‘birthday privileges.’ Heck, I was never even allowed to take the day off even if I came to the office straight from Legaspi! So I somewhat expected that if I going to ‘celebrate’ in the office, it has to be my treat. From my pocket. From my then newly-released salary.

 But no! The bosses have approved my ‘birthday treat’ allowance, giving us a splashful of food, indulging us with sweets, not minding that most of us are trying (and relentlessly failing) to monitor our diet. Haha!


 So this is what we had for lunch. Quarter chicken (or whatever people call it)

and two servings of rice wrapped in the ever aromatic pandan leaves.


This is Kim busy with her own chicken thigh.

Can’t get enough of Mang Inasal’s chicken! Diet? Screw that! =))

As Ate Tyziel always puts it, our merienda cena!

Candle-blowing can never be disregarded. I had four candles!

Technically celebrated my 22nd with these guys.

Naturally, I had to something to show my overwhelming appreciation to these people. So I had to take 4 hours from my 5-hour sleep just to capture my perfect angle and photoshop everything else. Haha!

(fb post: hindi po kasi talaga ako nagcecelebrate ng birthday (my friends can attest to that) so talagang natuwa ako dito. :)) maraming maraming salamat! (oo, kailangang may malaking mukha ako dahil ang ganda ng buhok ko kagabi. 😀 )


you said that. i meant it.


I don’t usually celebrate birthdays. It was more of a personal choice not to blow off candles from birthday cakes, for it somehow reminds me another year has passed by without me knowing what I’m gonna, or I should, do with the coming years. But this year, I had it differently, and with a blast.


I don’t know how to start with this, but what I’m sure of is that I felt sincerely overwhelmed with the events that had transpired during the past days, in celebration of my 22nd birthday. It started on August 25 in Legazpi until the end of the long weekend, the 30th of August, in down south. Different celebrations, different approach to celebrating it, with some of my favorite people in the world.


In my succeeding posts, I will try to present the highlights of my so-called ‘birthday celebration.’