Celebrating love, happiness, and success!

Last March, my younger siblings graduated – one from high school, the other’s from her preparatory school. Their last year in their respective levels was a one hell of a bumpy ride, but we still manage to pull some strings and make our way towards the stage.

I was still under the sheets during their graduation rites, but fortunately, I made it to the family’s simple after-grad celebration.

Graduation is on the list of my merriest occasions. It binds families – celebrating love, happiness, and success together. The fun may be short-lived, as short as an hour, but it gives us me a breather from all the family dramas and what-nots.

I may have, at some point, promised to assist them as they progress in their academic life, but I failed in doing so. And because of this, I couldn’t get any prouder for these two for making it to the stage even without their super-galing-na-ate.

For these two, JC and Butchay, keep up the good work! Chos. Ate’s just around the corner, just call my name and i’ll be there. :)))


reliving ze jetsetter moments

Some of the forecasts I’ve read online tell that 2012 will be a good year for me. On which aspect? That I’m still not sure of. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some positive vibes this year.

I must say that I’ve started the year of the dragon with a bang. I welcomed it with some of my high school friends where we resurrected from the 1800s.

Since then, I’ve been invited to some really awesome plans (even if it’s only the sixth (as of writing) of January!)! These first two months, I already have some series of travels lined up. :p

First stop: Surigao

Travel date: Jan 8-11

Surigao virgin, yo! This is my first time (well, not technically, for I already went there once, but I was still a kid then and I can’t remember a thing) to go to my father’s birthplace, the ‘territory’ of the Tiukinhoys.

All of the Tiukinhoys were ‘summoned’ to go back home to Surigao to celebrate two occasions:

1. house blessing

A once simple two-storey house, which has been rocked by a couple together with their twelve kids, has been transformed into a ‘mansion’ that can now be easily filled up by the said couple’s grand and great grandchildren.

I think this is the first time the house was renovated for the family matriarch did not want to alter anything for every fixture, corner and wall holds a great familial memory.

PS. For many of us in the family, this is the first time we will be seeing the new Tiukinhoy ‘palace.’

2. Lola Mom’s birthday

On Jan 9, Lola Mama will be turning 86? 88? 90? and as a birthday wish, she wants for all the Tiukinhoys to gather and celebrate another wondrous year. This will actually be a family reunion, the biggest, by far.

However, it’s sad to note that on our end, only Daddy and me can come because a) ticket’s so expensive and b) younger sibs have classes at school and Mom has to look after them.

Second stop: Subic

Travel date: Jan 14-15

I’ve mentioned that I welcomed 2012 with some of my batchmates. And as we were merrying ourselves with alcohol, we decided to take on another travel – this time, northbound!

The trip’s not yet finalized (a big hurrah for spontaneity!) but I’m pretty sure this’ll push through. So let’s all be nice and hope that Santa can give this to us.

Third stop: Anawanin

Travel date: Feb 3-5

“Saan ulit ang Anawangin?” “Sa Zambales.”

I’ve long been wanting to go to Anawangin since a lot of my friends have been there and put up a lot of good reviews. That’s why I promised myself that I would soon conquer that place.

And so, a good opportunity kicked in, and sure enough, I immediately grabbed it.

Ms Rob, Ms Grace (officemates) and friends will be going there for some nature-tripping, bonfire-loving moments. Kim, Kuya Jake, Sir Ariel and I will be tagging along the group. Mehe.

Fourth stop: Cagayan de Oro

Travel date: Feb 14-15

Have I ever told you that the spontaneous and unplanned trips are usually the ones that happen? Well, this is one of the great manifestations for that.

I was busy scouring the internet a day ago when I saw CebuPac go on sale. P12, yo!

So I immediately booked one roundtrip ticket to Cagayan de Oro. Afterwhich, I told the humanoids about this and we all agreed to go.

It’s an overnight trip, with no itinerary, no budget earmarked, and two days of fun! God bless us all!

PS. For those who wants to go somewhere, just let me know. 🙂

writing shiznit

Here’s a write-up I did for my cousin’s online portfolio. Took me months to draft. :))


“He was never the talker, yet, his works resonate a voice that speaks beyond what is audibly comprehensible.”

Such is what is expected to befall in one’s mind should they be acquainted with Jan Michael “JM” Tiukinhoy Pamintuan. A young professional graphic design artist, JM continues to set a standard among his ranks through his modest approach to communicating his inner thoughts and aspirations in a well-defined art form.

He has  put up his own web-based portfolio, Nemi Sketch Studio (www.nemisketchstudio.tumblr.com) where he mutely flaunts his recent projects. The broad lashes may have capitalized from his unfathomable thirst for self-expression, but the subtle strokes speak explicitly of his well thought of images.

Albeit his fresh stints in the industry, JM has long rubbed prudence unto his path. He studied his craft, earnestly sought something that would sever the angst-ridden impression off his art. He earned his 2-year Associate Degree in 3D Animation from the School of Design and Arts of the De La Salle–College of St. Benilde in Manila. And has then proceeded for higher studies in the 3D Sense Media School of the School of Interactive Visual Arts in Singapore, with a Diploma in Digital Visual Effects in Animation specializing in Modeling.

Cognizant of the ever-evolving nature of his chosen profession, he attended various trainings and seminars in the Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Japan and USA. All of his keenness to master his craft were translated into his works for various firms in Manila and Davao, including his family’s The Gilded Expressions, Inc., a design-oriented export company, and Davao-based Jack’s Ridge and Karlo’s Gourmet & Coffee.

At the surface, his works might be easily perceived to reference from a black heavy metal subculture, but once looked with deeper interest leading to heightened curiosity, these black contours on a white platform render an impeccably heady whip of graphic design.


Some of his works:

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 15)

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 10)

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 3)