Perks of Living Alone. Or not.

They say that you can be alone and never be lonely – you have your good old bottle of beer or a few books to give you warmth during those lonely nights, and even days. But here’s a question, “Why would you want to be alone?”

In a month of living alone, I have discovered, or maybe affirmed, the following perks and some corresponding boohoos of pulling off an Ally McBeal:

1. You’re free, ‘nuff said.

Or at least you thought you are. With all the rental fees and bills, there’s no such thing as free breakfast, indeed.

2. You can do whatever you want, whenever, wherever. You can smoke while having your morning coffee, at the comforts of your room (but you have to have your air freshener ready). You can go someplace else and not be ‘repatriated’. You can fart, pick your nose, prick your zits, peel some scabs, and there’s no one to judge you.

It’s as if no one cares. Literally and figuratively.

3. You’re a Cinderella no more! There’s no one to nag you to go home while you’re out with your friends, enjoying a beautiful night. You can come home super late, or very early the next day and you’ll have no problems sneaking quietly in to your room.

4. You’ll learn how to really be independent, and domesticated. You’ll learn how to cook (and eat whatever you want, at your own expense), how to wash the dishes (you really have to), how to wash your underwear (and have your clothes laundered by other people), and how to clean your room (uh yeah, every once in a while).

 There’s no one to get you water, or make you coffee during a big hangover. Or cook you lunch when you’re too sluggish to move. Basically, you have no one to depend on but yourself.

 5. You’ll have time to think, and list, all the other perks of living alone.

You’ll have time to think whether you really can, or in fact, are ready, to live alone.

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To Be. Or Not To Be. Inked.

There are varying perceptions on tattoos or to people who wear them. Some may regard them as icons of cool-ness and awesome-ness and in an instant, they already have ‘the swag’. Others would immediately raise an eyebrow and assert that body modification is such an evil thing to do and would ask if your life has gone astray. Or some, and I hope most, would gain your approval and nod in agreement of your making your body a canvas.

The latter statement is exactly what I had in mind when I decided to have a tattoo. Yes, the designs were and will not be conspicuous, but I plan to collect have as many tattoos as I can.

It has been a long time ever since I wanted to have this ink permanently marked on me. And when I read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, I became more furious to get inked. And this is where I was first acquainted with the idea of having my body as a “living art”.

I am in control of my own flesh.

– The Lost Symbol

So. I already have two tattoos. As I have mentioned, the designs and their placing are not that prominent for (to borrow a friend’s words) I just like the feeling of knowing that I have such tattoo on such part of my body and I care not if no one can see them.

The first one, which I got last November 11, 2011, yes, 11/11/11, is a bi-colored tri-lined (?) design planted on my left inner wrist. And yes, it’s a grade-school pad paper.

I have been mum on the reason/meaning behind the said design. But I got this out of mere ‘impulsiveness’. Together with my three friends, we headed off to Maginhawa to strip off our being “tattoo virgins” and to show for the first time, that we are talkshits no more. :))

The ‘story’ behind my second tattoo is far more interesting than when I had the first one.

First reason: I already have the design months before I had it put on me. I’ve slept on it, given it a lot of thought, processed its meaning and ‘importance’ in my life, all that pre-tattoo meditation and preparation one needs to undergo.

Second: I decided to have it on impulse. Yes, I like to do things on impulse, but this one’s wild! I decided to have this tattoo the night before the ‘day’. I took pains in searching for the nearest tattoo shop around the area and setting appointments, and the next thing I know, I’m inked!

Third: I have no one to accompany me. Ok, so this is not a forever-alone moment (as you will know why later), but as compared to my first experience, where I have three friends to go with me, in good times and in bad, this time, I went to the shop, on my own, with no one to call on the phone, chos!

Fourth: I had my tattoo in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines! :))))))) Ok, I was there for work. Actually not in Tacloban. I only had to spend the night there in preparation for my flight to Manila the next day. While in the hotel room, I got nothing to do, so the idea of having my second tat there excitedly popped out.

The first person that I’ve told of about this plan is Ekat. And as expected, she gave her all-out support when I asked for a consult.

I’ll upload soon ‘the final mark’ once all the itchiness and scabbing are gone. And that’s when you’ll see my awesome tat design. :)))