Kay Init ng Araw sa Tuguegarao!

Of the few instances that I went up north, this work-related travel is seemingly the best one I had – short but sweet.

I’ve stayed in Tuguegarao for technically three days but got to see the area for just about a third of a day. I landed the province at noontime so imagine the heat that’s hovering upon us. Together with my boss, I took the shuttle I contacted prior our departure from Manila, which led us directly to our hotel.

Upon reaching the hotel, I took a quick lunch and asked permission from my boss if I can roam around the city. Without hesitation, she said yes.

I immediately went to the hotel’s reception to ask for the city’s must-go places and the manager gladly gave me a full-blown itinerary on their tourist destinations! (I wasn’t really able to go with the direction given to me as it was already 3 in the afternoon and I have to expedite my little adventure.)

I first went to Buntun Bridge, the longest river bridge in the country, traversing along Cagayan River. I tried going from the bridge’s one end to the other, but the scorching sun does not permit me to.

I initially planned to go to a cathedral somewhere in Piat, but noticing how slow the manong driver drives, I decided to cut the trip short and took off the jeepney when I saw these kalesas, ‘parked’ somewhere in Solana.

I rode one, leading me to what they call their Plaza.

I didn’t see much in the town’s plaza, so I immediately left for St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. I rented a tricycle for 60php to take me directly to the cathedral.

I really can’t say whether I’ve covered much of Tuguegarao. But one thing’s for sure, I’m definitely coming back. ;P