Perks of Living Alone. Or not.

They say that you can be alone and never be lonely – you have your good old bottle of beer or a few books to give you warmth during those lonely nights, and even days. But here’s a question, “Why would you want to be alone?”

In a month of living alone, I have discovered, or maybe affirmed, the following perks and some corresponding boohoos of pulling off an Ally McBeal:

1. You’re free, ‘nuff said.

Or at least you thought you are. With all the rental fees and bills, there’s no such thing as free breakfast, indeed.

2. You can do whatever you want, whenever, wherever. You can smoke while having your morning coffee, at the comforts of your room (but you have to have your air freshener ready). You can go someplace else and not be ‘repatriated’. You can fart, pick your nose, prick your zits, peel some scabs, and there’s no one to judge you.

It’s as if no one cares. Literally and figuratively.

3. You’re a Cinderella no more! There’s no one to nag you to go home while you’re out with your friends, enjoying a beautiful night. You can come home super late, or very early the next day and you’ll have no problems sneaking quietly in to your room.

4. You’ll learn how to really be independent, and domesticated. You’ll learn how to cook (and eat whatever you want, at your own expense), how to wash the dishes (you really have to), how to wash your underwear (and have your clothes laundered by other people), and how to clean your room (uh yeah, every once in a while).

 There’s no one to get you water, or make you coffee during a big hangover. Or cook you lunch when you’re too sluggish to move. Basically, you have no one to depend on but yourself.

 5. You’ll have time to think, and list, all the other perks of living alone.

You’ll have time to think whether you really can, or in fact, are ready, to live alone.

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it’s Mayon’s job to smoke, not yours!

This is one of my long overdue entries. I should have blogged this months ago considering that it’s the second of the three-part birthday celebration I had this year. I have stalled long enough that it made not write for anything else (for fear of having this entry dumped into the abyss).

 Anyway, as with the saying, it’s better late than never, here it is.


A day prior my birthday, that’s August 25 to be exact, I flew to Legaspi City, Albay. And much as I would like to say it’s for pleasure, the trip was really intended for official business.

 It’s part of the consultations we’ve been doing in the office. We try to engage as much Non-Government Organizations all around the country with the hopes of knowing who we, or I dare say the office’s most prominent client, can put good partnership with. And because of this endeavor, I get to travel to some places – Pampanga, Baguio, Cavite, Pangasinan, and Cebu.

 This trip would not have been my last work-related trip I had should my recently much-“efforted” Cagayan consultation not scrapped by my ever-loving super boss.

So our flight is scheduled at 6am, and knowing myself, I cannot be taunted to sleep lightly. So I stayed at my favorite coffee shop in Ortigas Park, left at 12midnight, expecting to arrive home at 1am, prepare my bag, and take off at 2am.


I had a large cup of Mocha Latte, extra shot. So that’s three shots of espresso, enough to make me stay awake for my early flight. And there’s my black notebook, where I scribbled only once.

Upon arriving at the airport, I heard my stomach grumbling, and having no extra bucks to spare, I bought an airport-priced cup noodles. Yes, you see my then newly-bought vibrant-colored tumbler, which I eventually lost in Legaspi airport.

Here you see Kuya Ray, my super partner. He’s been in the office for I think 7 months now, and we’ve been doing things together since I worked in the office. It’s basically because we have the same job description.

Here is a view from Embarcadero. I was actually expecting a high-end tourist destination, but all I saw were a Market Market!-inspired area. I didn’t get to enjoy this “famous spot”.

This is a corner in the tiangge-filled Embarcadero where the prices were ‘unfriendly’. The prices of these stuff located in Legaspi malls were much cheaper.

I love this stall, but I didn’t get anything since as I have said, everything here is pricy. But I like the mesh of colors and the materials used in crafting the items are so native, Filipino-inspired.

This could have saved my negative impression of Embarcadero, but unfortunately, it was raining the time I went there. So their fun-filled physical activities were closed for public use.

Another Embarcadero’s supposedly fun spot is its kart racing track (watchamacallit!). I swear, it’s there, somewhere. And as I have mentioned earlier, for public safety, this kind of leisure services cannot be availed.

And how I can ever disregard Mt Mayon’s majestic shape. It is still shaped as perfect as a cone. I was actually told that Mayon’s ‘cone’ cannot be easily seen because of the clouds. Good thing it’s been drizzling in there, that the clouds have already poured their hearts out, leaving none to envelop Mayonis magnificent profile.

On my way back to the hotel, I saw a sign on a tricycle’s window. I find this cute. This is one of the few anti-smoking ads I have seen that is relatively not smoker-offensive. Actually, it has a point!

And since it would be my birthday the day after, I afforded myself a cocktail drink, and was able to extort an extra shot from the bartender! I remember tweeting this moment to be, “A year ago, I would have said, “Shit, this is pathetic.” But now, it’s, “What the hell, Cheers!””

This is me, drunk, done for the day, solved for the night, saying, “The lights are out tonight!”