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Here’s a write-up I did for my cousin’s online portfolio. Took me months to draft. :))


“He was never the talkeryet, his works resonate a voice that speaks beyond what is audibly comprehensible.”

Such is what is expected to befall in one’s mind should they be acquainted with Jan Michael “JM” Tiukinhoy PamintuanA young professional graphic design artistJM continues to set a standard among his ranks through his modest approach to communicating his inner thoughts and aspirations in a well-defined art form.

He has  put up his own web-based portfolio, Nemi Sketch Studio (www.nemisketchstudio.tumblr.com) where he mutely flaunts his recent projects. The broad lashes may have capitalized from his unfathomable thirst for self-expression, but the subtle strokes speak explicitly of his well thought of images.

Albeit his fresh stints in the industry, JM has long rubbed prudence unto his path. He studied his craft, earnestly sought something that would sever the angst-ridden impression off his art. He earned his 2-year Associate Degree in 3D Animation from the School of Design and Arts of the De La Salle–College of St. Benilde in Manila. And has then proceeded for higher studies in the 3D Sense Media School of the School of Interactive Visual Arts in Singapore, with a Diploma in Digital Visual Effects in Animation specializing in Modeling.

Cognizant of the ever-evolving nature of his chosen profession, he attended various trainings and seminars in the Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Japan and USA. All of his keenness to master his craft were translated into his works for various firms in Manila and Davao, including his family’s The Gilded Expressions, Inc., a design-oriented export company, and Davao-based Jack’s Ridge and Karlo’s Gourmet & Coffee.

At the surface, his works might be easily perceived to reference from a black heavy metal subculture, but once looked with deeper interest leading to heightened curiosity, these black contours on a white platform render an impeccably heady whip of graphic design.


Some of his works:

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 15)

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 10)

Pen Abstract Sketch (Electrified 3)


mi official stint as a writor

I’m happy that my ‘first’ article has now been published (i considered it ‘first’ because the other two were ‘mere’ coverage of a senate or house of representatives hearing translated into a 500-word format), but i can be happier should this article be published with my name on it.

Anyway, for future reference (like if I need to compile something for my portfolio), I’ll post the article here. 😀




3G: To Good Governance from the Grassroots

“… good governance means not only knowing and implementing what man-made laws – mainly the Constitution and the Local Government Code – mandate but also the spiritual or moral values that underline the whys and wherefores of public service.”

– Nene Pimentel

June 1 marked the day of yet another step towards national transformation. The University of Makati inaugurated its Center for Local Governance, which primarily aims to help upgrade the governance skills of local executives.

Former Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. led lecturers, discussants and group of evangelicals in “reintroducing the unfeigned concept of politics”; that is, to define policies that are naturally and truly good for the people.

As the primary author of the Local Government Code of 1991, Pimentel still continues to champion his dream to “put integrity back in public service, help rid the government of corruption and transform grassroots politics into a noble profession.”

In line with this, he intends to bring back the delivery of government service at the grassroots with competence and integrity. He emphasized that “integrity does not consist only of refusing bribes, but also of the dedication and passion of the public official to do what is expected of him.”

He recounted that the Center was established when, upon his retirement from public office, people urged him to found an institute through which he could share with government officials the insights he had acquired on local as well as national governance over the years.

Seven months prior to its blessing, the Center has already conducted a series of seminar-workshops on good governance for barangay officials, NGOs, POs and concerned citizens. Specific modules for higher local government officials were also presented.

The first batch of participants had undergone three 12-hour-day workshops, mostly from Manila, Makati, Quezon City and neighboring communities. These workshops target on the craft and science of local governance, imbibing moral values in the real essence of public service.

With 42, 020 barangays, 1, 511 municipalities, 122 cities, and 80 provinces throughout the country, and with the barangay – the smallest unit of government and a microcosm of Philippine politics, local officials could invariably benefit, and ultimately realize, from a program for national transformation.

Pimentel acknowledged the support of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Manila Mayor Fred Lim, and the University of Makati headed by its president, Professor Tom Lopez, in continuously pursuing the advocacy for good governance.